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At Rob and Pete Computer Geeks we use the latest and safest software to get your computer going, and to keep it going.

AVG Anti-Virus

No matter if you pay for an anti-virus or have a free one, you will only get 80% protection from viruses and other unwanted harmful programs. AVG is by far the best free anti-virus solution on the market. The program is light weight, easy to navigate and most of all does its job. Its an absoulute must have for any computer user.



One of the most common ways that your computer can become infected with malware viruses and other unwanted prgrams is through 3rd party "checkbox" downloads sometimes incuded in common downloads. Unchecky forces the unwanted checkboxes to be cleared, insuring that you will not download harmful programs.



Although your anti-virus software should be able to detect and remove most viruses and malware, No computer should be without malwarebytes. Think of it as your anti-viruses sidekick. it cleans up what ever gets left over.



Some computer fixes are simple and dont require you to come down to the store. In these cases Teamviwer is a great remote desktop program allowing us to fix the problem remotely


Software Bundle

included in this package is all the programs listed on the page.


Open Office

Open office is a free alternative to Microsoft Office. it has the all the functionality without the hefty price.


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